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Custom Dolphin and Whale Tails are our specialty! Trainers get a discount. Scroll down for important information.

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To fully personalize your piece, please answer the questions below the best you can.
Note: Please see the list of facilities below to find out if your favorite animal is already selling at the facility gift shop. If the name of the place is listed, contact Terri because you might need to purchase it through the store.
Discounts for trainers, zookeepers, interns only. Use coupon code at checkout: For tails, paws, stingrays, or paddle (Fluke), For sea lion flippers or seal flippers (SLF), For penguin feet (Penguin)

Custom Tail Pendants & Earrings are re-creations of your favorite whale or dolphin's tail (fluke). They are customized to match a photograph of that special dolphin or whale you might have had an experience with, helped rescue, work with, or just plain love. Each dolphin or whale has a different fluke (tail). They are as individual as our fingerprints. Most flukes have nicks around the edges and varied identifying marks and some are quite symmetrical. Order one now, so you can "Wear Your Memory Close To Your Heart"! If you are looking for a generic plain dolphin or orca tail, please visit these pages Dolphin tails, Orca tails

Pendants for a necklace: when ordered on this page, you may purchase any species of dolphin (sm or lg), orca (sm or lg), or beluga (one size only). The sea lion flippers, humpback whale, paw or nose prints have their own page to order a customized version. If you want a custom design that you can't find on the website, contact Terri to work out a price and send photos of ideas. There is a different page for generic version of tail flukes.

Earrings: click here to order earring.

Engraving: You may get the animals name OR a special date/place hand-engraved (if requested) on the back-side of the fluke pendant and is included in price. The engraving is done by hand, not a machine. Most people like it but if you prefer it done by machine, there is an additional fee of $60. that can be paid by Venmo or Paypal. Let Terri know when you place the order.

Upload image on this page or email to Terri. See instructions below. The prices are for a CUSTOM Dolphin, Orca killer whale, or Beluga fluke. Dolphin and Orca flukes are available in sizes small and large. Beluga (large size only). Exceptions might be made to different sizes for bulk orders. Please allow 1-10 weeks for delivery of custom tails. Chains are not included. 

Trainers! use code Fluke at checkout page for discount. We have special quantity pricing for stores and animal trainers. Trainers, if you have a group from your team that want the same name dolphin or orca, click to see special trainers pricing.

Dolphin tail sizes: Small is about 3/4" or 15mm. Large is about 1" or 22mm across from tip to tip. Because every pendant is handmade, the size will vary slightly. The large size will show more details and is Terri's personal favorite.

Information about photos: We need a clear straight on shot of the flukes. If you don't have a good picture, Terri can usually work with it BUT, remember, the better the photo, the better the detail you'll get in your pendant. Include the information listed.

-Send image by uploading on this page Or email to
-Animal’s name. Sometimes we can’t put the name, but we can engrave a date or word (see note below)
-Animal’s species. Is it a bottlenose, an orca, a commerson’s, rough toothed, etc
-Facility where you work and where the animal lives
-All customized orcas are made with the ventral side showing as the front side of pendant because many orca flukes are curled. The curve should go outward from the wearer of the fluke.
-Do you prefer the dorsal side? If yes, the picture needs to be of the dorsal side. Whatever side of flukes the picture is taken will be the front of pendant unless specified otherwise.
-The engraving is on the back side. If you have any preferences, please let Terri know.

Animal Trainers get a special discount! Use code fluke at the checkout page. If you are ordering for your whole staff, we have special quantity pricing for you so contact Terri.

Gift Shops get wholesale pricing, contact us.

Custom Sea Lion Flippers click here
Custom Humpback Tails click here
Custom Seal Flippers click here

Note: We don’t make or sell customized pendants to individuals that are already sold in stores. If you want a custom flipper or tail of a favorite animal that we already make and sell to specific gift shops, we advise you to contact the store directly to make your purchase. Most stores will ship them to you. Exceptions to the rule are non-profit organizations that we help out by selling products on this website and give them a portion of proceeds.
List of facility gift shops that sell our custom tail pendants &/or sea lion flippers, turtles, penguin feet: Clearwater Marine Aquarium(limited names), Coral World, Discovery Cove-Sea World, Discovery Point, Dolphin Connection, Dolphins Plus-Bayside and Oceanside, Dolphin Marine Conservation, Dolphin Quest (all 3), Dolphin Research Center, Gulfarium, Island Dolphin Care, Marineland, Mississippi Aquarium, Theater of the Sea, Turtle Hospital.

Testimonials and Reviews:

"It arrived today. You are amazing, and gave me a piece of Nova that I can hold onto forever. Thank you." ~Ash L.

"Terri, I just received the rose gold Malu tail. I loved it.
Thank you so much, F." 

"Hello, I just wanted you to know that I received my order of fluke pendants and I am beyond thrilled!!! I couldn't decide which one to wear first, as I have two favorites, so I decided to wear them both, lol.... Thank you again for EVERYTHING, I truly appreciate you and your amazing work!! ❤🐬❤🐬❤ -C"

"I have been purchasing Terri’s beautiful jewelry for 15 years. The tail flukes and sea lion flippers are replicas from dolphins and sea lions that I see at least twice a year and that I very much love. Some are treasured even more now they have passed on.  I have about 35 now! Terri is easy to order from and her jewelry is truly works of art." ~R.B.

"Terri! I got my pendant today. Thank you so much. They are PERFECT. I got a little misty eyed when I opened the package. I’m just beyond thankful. A"

"Hi Terri, I just received my custom tail. Thank you so much, I am overwhelmed with how perfect it is. Thank you, L"

"Hi Terri! Oh wow!!!! That looks amazing! I’ve just shown the girls and they are very very happy with how it has turned out so far! They are incredibly thankful as am I!!! It made me a little teary to see because it’s looking incredibly beautiful! We can’t thank you enough! "~Brooke
"Hi Terri, I received my custom tail in the mail today and I wanted to say I’m thrilled with it. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. K"

"Hi Terri, I just received my fluke and necklace. It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much for doing such a great job! Warmest Regards," Jia Yi

"Hi Terri! I just wanted to let you know that the pendant order has arrived! They look amazing!! Thank you soooooo much for the two you made specifically for me! I love them J I know the team will love them too! Your card was also greatly appreciated!~J.M."

"Hi Terri, Thank you so much for the flukes. Everyone who has picked theirs up thus far, says they love it. Thank you so much for everything. Expect another order from me personally very soon. 🙂 K"

"Got the flukes yesterday!  They are perfect thanks you so much!~Julie"

“…Having these unique custom flukes has increased our gift shop sales significantly and we can’t imagine being without them!” Susan Sorensen; Director of Guest Services, Dolphin Research Center, Grassy Key, FLHi

"Terri-just wanted to say thanks! I received my walrus/beluga/Sealion flipper jewelry the other day and they turned out fantastic! I especially love the sizing of the walrus flipper and beluga tail, it’s the perfect petite size for me! Thanks again and happy holidays!
Sincerely, J.M"

"Hi Terri,
I wanted to tell you about a cool experience I had yesterday! First of all, I love my necklace and I've been wearing it all the time! Yesterday, I was doing a play session with the whales and she came over and presented her fluke to me again. I got to hold her fluke for a bit and felt along the edge of it and was able to see and feel one of the little notches that I knew would be there from my necklace!!
I'm so lucky that I've had the chance to get to know this beautiful whale, and every time I wear my necklace I'm reminded of that.
Thanks again!!"

"The necklace itself is wonderful. You have quite an eye for detail, though I suppose that's to be expected after having seen so many flukes that, to most anyone else, all look the same. I'm very grateful to have something that can remind me of Daisy every day, and you will forever have my gratitude for being a part of it. With all that said: thank you! I will be certain to recommend you to people when I get the chance, as word-of-mouth led me to your services in the first place. Best wishes," ~Z C-S in Canada

"Terri Miller's work is loved by so many, myself included. I still have my first and most favorite piece by Terri and Roger, Delphi's fluke that I got when I was 12 years old. It is one of my favorite possessions, and I have been so lucky to have several pieces by Custom Tails Jewelry, including a custom fluke that Terri did an absolutely amazing job on for my birthday last year. I have met people from all over the country that wear their favorite animal close to their heart thanks to Terri. The work she does is not only impeccable - but it makes so, so many people happy!" ~ Alexandra M., FL

“Dear Terri, Thank you for all that you have done for the wounded warriors. The Jax tails have become a symbol of recovery for the men and women. They are always amazed at Jax’s story and how beautiful and accurate the tails are. They actually run their finger over the missing portion of his tail fluke. We would love to have you and your boyfriend as our guest during the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride event at DRC. It’s quite an amazing experience to witness…one of the best I’ve ever been a part of!” Thank you so very much for your generosity. Take care,” ~ J.M, Special Needs Dept

Words cannot express the amazing mix of emotions I felt when seeing your beautiful pendant rendition of Emma's flukes. Memories, both fond and sad, flooded my mind. It truly is a blessing and a gift that you are on this Earth, creating keepsakes that touch the hearts of people like me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making Emma's flukes for me. She has always been close to my heart, but now she is even closer thanks to you." ~Emily in Texas

"Hello, I was emailing to say I have gotten my custom tail and I love it! It's exactly what I hoped for and more! I couldn't wait for it to come and it was well worth the wait! It the perfect size and everything! Great job! And thank you!" ~Kayla M.

"Hello, Terri! I received the pendants today! They are so beautifully detailed, and we all absolutely love them! Thank you again!"

"Dear Terri, I received my dolphin fluke and it is absolutely beautiful. I am so pleased with it and I just know that he will love it!!"

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