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This is our representation of the magnificent Orca or Killer Whale tail (flukes) as shown in sterling silver.  They come in two sizes, small or large. Your choice of silver, 14K gold or 18K white. And we can even put a diamond in it! Our flukes are biologically correct. The killer whale tails are available in a generic which represents all orca whales, OR, Terri will customize it to match a photo. Orcas are commonly referred to as killer whales but are actually the largest of the dolphin family. Most often they are sighted in the oceans off the western United States and Canada.

If you have a special Orca Killer Whale that you love, we can re-create that fluke (tail) into a pendant that will match it with all the little nicks and identifying marks. To learn more, click hereWe require a clear photo of the animals tail sent by email, see information below. To purchase, click on the option for customized.

Large size is 1.25″ or 30mm across from tip to tip. Bail fits up to 3.5 mm chain.
Small size is 3/4″ or 20mm across from tip to tip. Bail fits up to 3mm chain.

Note: All pendants are handmade by the lost wax method of casting, then polished to a high shine. Since they’re handmade, they could vary slightly in size. Silver tails without engraving will ship within 24 hours. Special engraving, diamonds and gold will ship within 3-4 weeks. If you want a different stone besides diamond, contact us.

Information about photos for customization: We need a clear straight on shot of the flukes. If you don’t have a good picture, Terri can usually work with it BUT, remember, the better the photo, the better the detail you’ll get in your pendant. Include the information listed.

-Send image to terri@customtailsjewelry.com
-Animal’s name. Sometimes we can’t put the name, but we can engrave a date or word (see note below)
-Animal’s species. Is it a bottlenose, an orca, a commerson’s, rough toothed, etc
-Facility where you work or where the animal lives
-All customized orcas are made with the ventral side showing as the front side of pendant because many orca flukes are curled. The curve should go outward from the wearer of the fluke.
-Do you prefer the dorsal side? If yes, the picture needs to be of the dorsal side. Whatever side of flukes the picture is taken will be the front of pendant unless specified otherwise.
-The engraving is on the back side. If you have any preferences, please let Terri know.

Animal Trainers get a special discount! Let Terri know so she can give you the code to enter at checkout. If you are ordering for your whole staff, we have special quantity pricing for you so contact Terri.

Gift Shops get wholesale pricing, contact us.

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Note: We don’t make or sell custom tail pendants to individuals that are already sold in stores. If you want a custom tail of a favorite animal that we already make and sell to specific gift shops, we advise you to contact the store directly to make your purchase. Most stores will ship them to you. Exceptions to the rule are non-profit organizations that we donate a portion of the proceeds to. List of stores that sell our custom tail pendants &/or sea lion flippers: Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Coral World, Discovery Cove, Discovery Point, Dolphin Connection, Dolphins Plus and Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder, Dolphin Marine Magic, Dolphin Quest (all 3), Dolphin Research Center, Gulfarium, Gulf World, Island Dolphin Care, Marineland, Six Flags in CA, Theater of the Sea, Turtle Hospital.
There are certain corporations that have proprietary laws so therefore we won’t be able to recreate those tails into pendants. For engravings, If you prefer to have a date or place instead of the animals name, we can do that.

Click here for more testimonials!

“Hi Terri, I finally received them! Wow they are amazing! You did a terrific job. I love it!
Thank you so much. I can’t wait to surprise my boyfriend later with Ula.
Best regards, M. G” in Spain
“It came in today, and honestly I’m blown away! Thanks so much…” ~Aaron
“Hi Terri,
… my Orca tail pendant arrived ..Quite gorgeous!….very well made indeed!
I have an artist eye for lines and symmetry and I can spot a small defect or see if something is a little “off”.
This Orca tail pendant is perfect. I love it…..
Kind Regards,”
~Chris Nance in FL



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