Manatee Paddle (Tail)-Custom or Generic: Silver or Gold


“Wear your memory close to your heart!” It’s an amazing experience to see a manatee up close and personal. Manatee paddle pendants.




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Our manatee paddle (tail) pendants are available in a variety of designs by Terri. They’re available in sterling silver, gold, rose gold or 18k white; in one size only. You can even choose to have an engraving of the date or place you might have had your special connection with a manatee or two.
Design options:
1)Choose generic, which represents all manatees and has a perfect tail paddle with no notches.
2)Choose a paddle that was made from a picture of a manatee that resides at Crystal River, Florida, which has nicks and notches in it.
3)Choose a customized paddle to match a picture of your favorite manatee. Trainers & zookeepers get a discount!

Upload your photos on this page or email them to The customized paddle pendants of your favorite manatee requires a picture of the tail that is clear enough to see the nicks and identifying marks. We can work with any image but remember the clearer the photo, the more accurate the pendant will be. The custom tails price includes the engraving.

Size: 1/2″ or 11mm across, 1″ or 22mm long.

Wholesale pricing for gift shop Contact us.
Trainers get discounts! For individual orders use code at checkout page: FLUKE
For quantity prices (if you order for your staff members), ask Terri for the price list.

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