Keiko “Free Willy” Killer Whale (Orca) Tail; Silver or Gold


Keiko whale tail pendant



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This Orca or Killer Whale tail represents the famous Keiko’s tail (who starred in Free Willy movie) in sterling silver.  We used several different photos that different customers sent us of Keiko’s tail flukes to make this pendant look similar to his actual tail. Keiko’s tail fluke has a curve on each tip. His tail had changed over the years as do all marine mammals so we used a series of pictures to identify it with. It was hand carved out of wax, cast into silver by the lost wax method, then polished to a high shine. Now you can “Wear Your Memory Close To Your Heart” of Keiko’s amazing odyssey that spanned 5 countries and tens of thousands of miles. The orca killer whale tail/fluke is available in 2 sizes; sterling silver or gold, and with or without an engraving. Currently there is no name engraved on the back but if you want to add an engraving of special meaning to you, we can add it for only $10.00 additional.

Keiko is the orca, (also known as killer whale) that was the star in “Free Willy”.  His life had a special message and he is loved by millions of people around the world.

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Large size is 1.25″ or 30mm across from tip to tip. Bail fits up to 3.5 mm chain.
Small size is 3/4″ or 20mm across from tip to tip. Bail fits up to 3mm chain.

Normally, we can finish the silver fluke in a week or less. Gold may take longer. Certain customizations will take up to 8 weeks. Ask Terri.

Testimonials and Reviews:

“I have been purchasing Terri’s beautiful jewelry for 15 years. The tail flukes and sea lion flippers are replicas from dolphins and sea lions that I see at least twice a year and that I very much love. Some are treasured even more now they have passed on.  I have about 35 now! Terri is easy to order from and her jewelry is truly works of art.” ~R.B.

“My husband just gave me the Keiko fluke for my birthday. I am over the moon.
I love the Orcas and look at pendants everywhere but this is really special!
He couldn’t have bought anything I would enjoy more.   Beautiful!”   ~P. B.Hi Terri!

Hello, I just wanted you to know that I received my order of fluke pendants and I am beyond thrilled!!! I couldn’t decide which one to wear first, as I have two favorites, so I decided to wear them both, lol…. Thank you again for EVERYTHING, I truly appreciate you and your amazing work!! ❤🐬❤🐬❤ -C

“Hello, Terri! I received the pendants today! They are so beautifully detailed, and we all absolutely love them! Thank you again!”

“Terri Miller’s work is loved by so many, myself included. I still have my first and most favorite piece by Terri and Roger, Delphi’s fluke that I got when I was 12 years old. It is one of my favorite possessions, and I have been so lucky to have several pieces by Custom Tails Jewelry, including a custom fluke that Terri did an absolutely amazing job on for my birthday last year. I have met people from all over the country that wear their favorite animal close to their heart thanks to Terri. The work she does is not only impeccable – but it makes so, so many people happy!” ~Alexandra M, FL



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