The Customized Dolphin and Whale Tails come in two sizes, large and small. The large pendant is approximately 1 inch across and the small is approximately 3/4 inch across. The bail can fit up to a 3 mm chain. Click here to order.

Custom Tails Jewelry is sold in gift stores, through organizations, to dolphin trainers or any dolphin and whale lover. They are very popular. We make them for many dolphin and sea lion facilities (including animals in the wild) around the world. Get in on the fun! We make two sizes in sterling silver and 14k gold. They are absolutely beautiful; smooth and sleek handcrafted items that match the flukes/tails of the dolphins you love.

See the products page for more information. The large size pendants will show the most detail and is Terri’s personal favorite.
All we need is a photo to get started. The more accurate the picture, the more accurate the tail pendant will be. It should be an up-close, straight on shot. Send images by email. The price depends on the quantity of each dolphin or whale tail ordered. Gift stores receive a wholesale price. There may be set up fees for the initial order only. Dolphin trainers are offered special quantity pricing or discount on individual pricing. All flukes will be engraved with the animals name on the back of pendant, unless otherwise stated. Engraving is included in the pricing.

Information about photos: We need a clear straight on shot of the flukes. If you don’t have a good picture, Terri can usually work with it BUT, remember, the better the photo, the better the detail you’ll get in your pendant.

  • Include the information listed:
    -Send image to terri@customtailsjewelry.com
    -Animal’s name. Sometimes we can’t put the name, but we can engrave a date or word (see note below)
    -Animal’s species. Is it a bottlenose, an orca, a commerson’s, rough toothed, etc
    -Facility where you work or where the animal lives
    -Do you prefer the dorsal side? If yes, the picture needs to be of the dorsal side. Whatever side of flukes the picture is taken, that will be the front of pendant as shown in photo above. The engraving is on the back side. If it makes a difference to you, please let Terri know.

Animal Trainers get a special discount! Let us know so we can give you the code to enter at checkout. If you are ordering for your whole staff, we have special quantity pricing for you so contact Terri.
Gift Shops get wholesale pricingcontact us.

Custom Sea Lion Flippers click here
Custom Humpback Tails click here 
Custom Seal Flippers click here

Wholesale Pricing for Gift Shops only: Email Terri for wholesale or quantity pricing quotes. There will be a one-time set up fee for artwork and laser engraving. We accept checks by snail mail or credit card payments online.  Finish time is 2-12 weeks depending on size of order and our schedule. After the initial order is complete, it only takes 2-7 days to receive subsequent orders. Thank you.

Note: We don’t make or sell custom tail pendants to individuals that are already sold in stores. If you want a custom tail of a favorite animal that we already make and sell to specific gift shops, we advise you to contact the store directly to make your purchase. Most stores will ship them to you. Exceptions to the rule are non-profit organizations that we help out by selling products on this website and give them a portion of proceeds. List of stores that sell our custom tail pendants &/or sea lion flippers: Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Coral World, Discovery Cove, Dolphin Cove, Dolphin Marine Magic, Dolphins Plus, Dolphin Marine Magic, Dolphin Quest (all 3), Dolphin Research Center, Gulfarium, Gulf World, Indy Zoo, Marineland, National Aquarium, Six Flags in CA, Theater of the Sea, Turtle Hospital.

There are certain corporations that have proprietary laws so therefore we won’t be able to recreate those tails into pendants. If you prefer to have a date or place instead of the animals name, we can do that.


The Larimar Gem Stone is a Jewel of the Caribbean. It is only found in the Dominican Republic and is the only gem stone of the Caribbean. Shades of color will vary from rich deep blue to sky blue tones with white or even shades of green. It’s reminiscent of the sun light playing on the ocean. Also, many of the larger gemstones have what appears to be an angel in them.Many people have experienced larimar’s extraordinary powers and have said they feel love and peace emitting from this beautiful stone. Several sources mention that larimar originates from the lost continent of Atlantis. Other healing qualities may include alignment of the heart, third eye and crown chakras. It may stimulate clarity with inner wisdom and outer manifestation.

Terri also designs custom jewelry with larimar gemstones. You may select the larimar stone you desire from our available inventory. We have different shapes and sizes, such as, hearts, freeform, and more. Terri will then create your custom design. Please click here for more information.


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