Custom or Generic Seal Flipper Pendants; Silver or Gold


Seal flippers! You won’t find these anywhere else. Who’s your favorite seal?



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This is our version of a seal’s rear flippers available in silver or gold pendants. We can customize them to match your favorite seal or simply engrave them with the animal’s name, or a special date or place. The picture shown is our generic style. An engraving can be done on the back of the pendant.

Note about customized seal flippers: Since seal flippers don’t usually have identifiable notches, we advise you to purchase the generic seal flippers and have the name engraved. If your favorite seal has unusual shaped flippers, then get them customized. A walrus or similar species may have different shape flippers that you might want custom. If you’re not sure, ask Terri and email the image to

Size is approximately 1″ or 25mm across. The bail will fit up to 3mm chain. All handmade items will vary slightly.

Animal Trainers get a special discount! Use discount code: SEAL at checkout page to get trainers and zookeepers discount. If you are ordering for your whole staff, we have special quantity pricing for you so contact Terri by clicking here.

Gift Shops get wholesale pricing, contact us.

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Information about photos: We need a clear straight on shot of the flippers spread out behind the seal. If you don’t have a good picture, Terri can usually work with it BUT, remember, the better the photo, the better the detail you’ll get in your pendant. Upload images on this page or email to

 Happy Customers:

“Hi Terri-just wanted to say thanks! I received my walrus/beluga/Sealion flipper jewelry the other day and they turned out fantastic! I especially love the sizing of the walrus flipper and beluga tail, it’s the perfect petite size for me! Thanks again and happy holidays!
Sincerely, J.M”

“Hi Terri, I really love my Kara flippers, and everyone here is so impressed with your work that we can’t wait to see what the penguin feet will look like! J” ~M.P, N.J

“Terri Miller’s work is loved by so many, myself included. I still have my first and most favorite piece by Terri and Roger, Delphi’s fluke that I got when I was 12 years old. It is one of my favorite possessions, and I have been so lucky to have several pieces by Custom Tails Jewelry, including a custom fluke that Terri did an absolutely amazing job on for my birthday last year. I have met people from all over the country that wear their favorite animal close to their heart thanks to Terri. The work she does is not only impeccable – but it makes so, so many people happy!” ~Alexandra M., FLjkjm


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