Terri Miller of Custom Tails Jewelry creates very unique custom whale and dolphin tail replica jewelry. They are called “Signature Fluke Pendants”. Each dolphin or whale has a different fluke (tail). They are as individual as our fingerprints. Most flukes have nicks around the edges and varied identifying marks and some are quite symmetrical. Terri will design, by hand, custom tail jewelry to look exactly the same as the dolphin or whale flukes that reside in your facility. A photograph of each dolphins tail is used to recreate that dolphins tail in silver or gold pendants.

When people interact with dolphins, it’s a dream come true. We want to take that happy memory home with us. So, WEAR YOUR MEMORY CLOSE TO YOUR HEART with “Signature Fluke Pendants”. They are made for individuals, gift shops, organizations, and all dolphin lovers worldwide. We also make custom sea lion flippers, custom manatee paddles and custom sea turtle pendants! To order, click here.

“…Having these unique custom flukes has increased our gift shop sales significantly and we can’t imagine being without them!”
Susan Sorensen; Director of Guest Services-Dolphin Research Center, Grassy Key, FL

We also make Custom Sea Lion Flippers! If you work with sea lions or have ever had a connection with one or just plain love sea lions, we can fabricate a custom pendant to match your favorite sea lion. As shown in the picture on our “products page”, the sea lions flipper pendants are replicated to the hind flippers and tail. Each sea lion’s flippers are a little different, the toes may have nicks in them and most of them have identifiable marks and lengths or shapes. Click here to order your favorite sea lion flipper pendant.

“Hi Terri,
Received the (sea lion) flippers and they are beautiful! Thanks for your wonderful work!”
Shelley Ballman
Oceans of Fun

“Terri –Thank you so much for the Kona fluke pendant! She has always been my favorite dolphin and I love having her fluke pendant. I’m glad that everything is working out – these are VERY popular in our stores!!!
Bill Wolden
Director of Training and Development
Dolphin Quest / Quest Global Management

“Hi Terri, … We have a WWP Project Odyssey September 25 -27, 2018 (at Dolphin Research Center). Male wounded warriors. We need to order  Large Jax tails.
It’s always so emotional during the closing ceremony with the Jax tails. It anchors possibility and life moving forward after injury.
Take care, J”

Custom Turtle Pendants are in! Currently we make custom sea turtles to match the turtles named BubbleButt and Montel whom are permanent residents at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. If you feel a connection to a specific species of turtle or have a picture of a turtle you would like to wear as a pendant, we will create it for you. Custom turtle pendants are sold in gift shops and through non-profit organizations. Contact Terri@customtailsjewelry.com to get wholesale pricing for your store.

“Hi Terri
I love the pendants, they are exquisite!
Best, Bette”
Manager Turtle Hospital, Marathon, FL


“I bought the flippers as a gift for my friends birthday and she loved them. Thank you so much for creating them for me. They turned out great and I appreciate how you handled business by responding so quickly and helping me with the purchase by sending me links and telling me what needed to be done. You had it completed and sent out quickly (way faster than I anticipated). I appreciate the product and the service so much and just wanted to thank you for the experience”
“Hi Terri, I finally received them! Wow they are amazing! You did a terrific job. I love it!
Thank you so much. I can’t wait to surprise my boyfriend later with Ula.
Best regards, M. G” in Spain
“I purchased the larimar triangle and dolphin duo for my wife’s birthday and it is GREAT! Since early October (2 weeks) she has worn it many times and it always looks very good. Ps – she found your website by searching for sea creature type jewelry. To give me ideas for her birthday.”
“Terri! I got my pendant today. Thank you so much. They are PERFECT. I got a little misty eyed when I opened the package. I’m just beyond thankful. A”
“Hi Terri, I just received my custom tail. Thank you so much, I am overwhelmed with how perfect it is. Thank you, L”
“Hi Terri, Thank you so much for the flukes. Everyone who has picked theirs up thus far, says they love it. Thank you so much for everything. Expect another order from me personally very soon. 🙂 “

“Hi Terri, I received the flippers today. They are beautiful. I am so happy with them.I will be giving them to two of the trainers, and one is for myself. We just recently lost Surfer to old age, and Coco is the last of the originals we have. It will always remind us of them.Thanks so much,~ N.”

“Terri’s creations are AMAZING! Her creativity and positive energy flows through every piece of jewelry she creates.” ~ L.H. in VA

“Terri Miller’s work is loved by so many, myself included. I still have my first and most favorite piece by Terri and Roger, Delphi’s fluke that I got when I was 12 years old. It is one of my favorite possessions, and I have been so lucky to have several pieces by Custom Tails Jewelry, including a custom fluke that Terri did an absolutely amazing job on for my birthday last year. I have met people from all over the country that wear their favorite animal close to their heart thanks to Terri. The work she does is not only impeccable – but it makes so, so many people happy!” ~Alexandra M., FL

“”The necklace itself is wonderful. You have quite an eye for detail, though I suppose that’s to be expected after having seen so many flukes that, to most anyone else, all look the same. I’m very grateful to have something that can remind me of Daisy every day, and you will forever have my gratitude for being a part of it. With all that said: thank you!
I will be certain to recommend you to people when I get the chance, as word-of-mouth led me to your services in the first place.
Best wishes,”
~Z.C.-S in Canada

“Terri, Words cannot express the amazing mix of emotions I felt when seeing your beautiful pendant rendition of Emma’s flukes. Memories, both fond and sad, flooded my mind. It truly is a blessing and a gift that you are on this Earth, creating keepsakes that touch the hearts of people like me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making Emma’s flukes for me. She has always been close to my heart, but now she is even closer thanks to you.” ~E.F in TX

“Dear Terri, “Thank you for all that you have done for the wounded warriors. The Jax tails have become a symbol of recovery for the men and women. They are always amazed at Jax’s story and how beautiful and accurate the tails are. They actually run their finger over the missing portion of his tail fluke. We would love to have you and your boyfriend as our guest during the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride event at DRC. It’s quite an amazing experience to witness…one of the best I’ve ever been a part of!
“Thank you so very much for your generosity.
Take care,” ~ J.M, Special Needs Dept

“…. June Wounded Warrior Project – all female Project Odyssey. It was so emotional for both the female warriors and DRC staff. One warrior said she was going to place it (Jax Pendant) on her Purple Heart Wall when she’s not wearing it.
Thank you for your beautiful work. Joan”

“Hello Terri, …”Thank you SO very much. It is incredible and she LOVED it. Started crying and everything. It’s beautiful. I gave all the other trainers your card as well because everyone was very jealous of how beautiful it was. Thank you so much again.” ~ C.A

“Hello, I was emailing to say I have gotten my custom tail and I love it! It’s exactly what I hoped for and more! I couldn’t wait for it to come and it was well worth the wait! It the perfect size and everything! Great job! And thank you!” Kayla M.

“YOUR PIECES BLEW ME AWAY!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!! Thank you so much….Thrilled absolutely thrilled!!” ~Leslie

“My husband just gave me the Keiko fluke  for my birthday. I am over the moon. I love the Orcas and  look at pendants everywhere but this is really special!   He couldn’t have bought anything I would enjoy more. Beautiful!” ~P.B

“Hi Terri! They are awesome. I am very happy with your artistry! The flukes looked absolutely perfect! Your communication during the whole process was excellent. Overall, this was pleasant experience getting my 2 favorite animals remembered in silver. Thank you!”~ J , Florida

“Terri, I absolutely LOVE my new Beluga tail pendant! It’s wonderful! Thank you so much!” ~H.B

“Hey Terri, I literally just received the dolphin pendant and it is impeccable! Thank you so much for your time and effort in fulfilling my order … I look forward to future purchases. Sincerely,” ~N.H

“Hi Terri!
We have gotten rave reviews about the necklaces so far. Thanks for doing such a great job with them!
Thanks!” ~A.C in GA
“Terri I got my silver dolphin kiss charm today and I LOVE it!!!!!!! I have gotten compliments on it today at work! I can’t wait to see the other piece I ordered! Your work is incredible!!!!!!!!”
N.H in FL

“Hi Terri, Thought you might like to see a Soldier Ride warrior’s feedback to DRC
Thank you for a definite life experience that helps all the stress go away while interacting with the dolphins. You all were amazing supporters/sponsors and hosts. I wear Jax tail on my neck daily for inspiration” 
Thank you again for creating this type of inspiration for their healing. Take care, Joan”

“Hi Terri,
I just recieved them, they came out so wonderful. I love them. Unbelievable how accurate the details are. Definitely can count on my future business.
=) ” ~Robyn in Miami

“Hi Terri! I received the dolphin trio yesterday. It is gorgeous, and I know my girlfriend will LOVE it! I almost don’t want to give it to her! LOL Thank you so much. I’ll let you know her reaction!” ~ C.H, Canada
“Hi Terri,
… my Orca tail pendant arrived ..Quite gorgeous!….very well made indeed!
I have an artist eye for lines and symmetry and I can spot a small defect or see if something is a little “off”.
This Orca tail pendant is perfect. I love it. I do have a question: Is it possible for you to make one larger?….just for future reference.
Kind Regards,”
Chris Nance in FL

“Dear Terri, I got the fluke pendant today. My girlfriend was very excited, and we were both very much impressed with the detail. I can’t thank you enough for making it so well! She likes it so much that I may get her another one of a different whale around Christmas, so you may hear from me again pretty soon here. Thank you,” W.V in N.M.
“Hi Terri,
Received the (sea lion) flippers and they are beautiful! Thanks for your wonderful work!”
Shelley Ballman
Oceans of Fun

Thank you so much for your wonderful craftmanship. It’s very touching to be able to have a piece of Nala with me every day. Thanks, Nicole”, Vancouver Aquarium

“Hi Terri, The “Cassie” fluke pendant was a huge hit. She loved it. You did a beautiful job on it, the love that goes into your work comes out loud and clear. Thank you so much for making it in time for Dani’s birthday. I really appreciate it and love it almost as much as she does. You’ll be hearing from me again….Have a blessed holiday, Rosie”

“Hi Terri, My dolphin tail arrived yesterday. All I can say is wow! It looks great next to momma Calusa’s tail, and the details are very precise. Even the gift wrap you put around it was done well. I will be sure to order from you in the future, as I love DRC and it’s many dolphins. I can’t wait to show off my little tail to my friends and family. Thank-you again,” Liah, N.C

“Dear Terri, My sister finally got the flukes and was ecstatic as to how lovely they are. She has now taken it back to Bermuda where she will put it next to the real thing. She is very proud of her personalised necklace and the rest of the crew at work are impressed. Thanks again for working on it. Kind regards, Lee”

“Hi Terri and Roger: We knew you were the ones we wanted to make the dolphin tails…your wonderful artwork, interpreting the photos we sent, is amazing. So Beautiful!” Scott and Amanda at Dolphin EDventure, Australia

“…Having these unique tail flukes has increased our gift shop sales significantly and we can’t imagine being without them!” Susan Sorensen; Director, Guest Services, Dolphin Research Center, Grassy Key, FL ”

I LOVE it!! It’s beautiful! Thank you so much! All my co-workers love it too, so I was going to pass your card around.” K.T. in FL

“Lovely piece and you do yourself proud in producing such a wonderful item! I found your website by pure accident. I was looking for an orca fluke particularly as I am a marine mammal surveyor. We have two distinct groups around the UK – one solely hunts mackeral whilst the other hunts seals. Thanks again for the fluke!” ~Paul

“Hello Terri, This piece is exquisite! I couldn’t be more thrilled with this tail fluke in a lifetime. You captured every little notch in Castaway’s tail so beautifully, it’s like she’s with me always…. Having her name on the back of this beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry makes it even more personal. When Castaway stranded on the East coast she was named. When she was transferred to us at Mote we always called her Cassie. Then when she came to Key Largo to MMC & then to Dolphins Plus, it was a split depending on the volunteers who worked with her. She will always be Cassie to me in my heart. Thank you for Cassie! Have a great day, Dani Janssen”

“Dear Terri, I got the fluke pendant today. My girlfriend was very excited, and we were both very much impressed with the detail. I can’t thank you enough for making it so well! She likes it so much that I may get her another one of a different whale around Christmas, so you may hear from me again pretty soon here.
Thank you,” W.V in N.M.

“Yes I just got it today! I LOVE it. I cannot thank you enough.” ~K.B


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