Sunshine Polishing Cloth



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Sunshine polishing cloth is the best for polishing jewelry (in Terri’s opinion). Many dolphin trainers wear their tail pendants all day at work while in and out of the salt water so they can get quite tarnished. This cloth will take out the tarnish and leave the jewelry nice and shiny. Great for travel too.

“I use this cloth almost on a daily basis for my own fluke necklace that I always wear. I rarely ever take the chain off my neck and just a quick rub on the pendant each morning to keep it looking nice.” ~Terri

Safely cleans and polishes jewelry, gold, silver, copper, glass, mirrors and most other metals.

Rub surface to be polished with medium pressure. Special polishing and cleansing action works until cloth is completely darkened. Do not wash.

Size: 5″ x 3.5″


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