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Custom Tails Jewelry makes unique custom dolphin tail jewelry. Our customized pendants are re-creations of your favorite whale or dolphin’s tail in sterling silver or gold. Each animal has a different fluke (tail) that is as individual as our fingerprints. Most flukes have nicks around the edges and varying identifying marks, and some are quite symmetrical. We will design, by hand, dolphin or whale tail jewelry to look exactly the same as the animal’s flukes that you have a connection with or that reside at your facility. A photograph of each dolphin’s tail is used to replicate your guests or your favorite flukes into pendants. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by waxing the tail into shape, then cast into solid sterling silver, 14K yellow or white gold, then polished into a high shine finish with an engraving of the animals name on back.

We will create any tail, flippers, manatee, penguin feet, turtles, tiger paw prints that you desire!

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Customized or generic

Custom Tails Jewelry’s specialty is handcrafting all species of cetacean tail/flukes or flippers into beautiful  jewelry  pendants. These are the most anatomically correct fluke pendants you will find. We make custom Beluga whale jewelry. We’ll customize your favorite Killer Whale into tail pendants, such as, Keiko’s tail from “Free Willy”. If you’ve been on a Humpback or Minke whale watch, we can fabricate the fluke you saw. If you love  Pacific White Sided Dolphins or Commerson’s Dolphins, we can make them. Some people form a special connection with a manatee they saw. We can make that manatee’s paddle into a pendant or one that represents all manatees.  For all you Sea Lion lovers, we create sea lion flippers too! We also have several species of generic dolphin and whale tails in stock, including the beloved Bottlenose Dolphin. We carry them in sterling silver but may be ordered in any precious metal or even with diamonds and sapphires. 

Fluke/Tail jewelry is sold in gift shops and more

Our Custom Tails Jewelry Pendants are sold in many gift shops at dolphin facilities and through organizations world-wide. We offer wholesale pricing to stores and non-profit organizations. This is a unique item, exclusive to individual gift stores. They are a very popular item and sell quickly. We also make them for trainers and give special quantity pricing or discounts. We sell custom tails Internationally to dolphin & whale lovers so you may “Wear Your Memory Close To Your Heart”. Here at Custom Tails Jewelry, Terri can also replicate the sea turtles, elephant ears, penguin feet, manatee paddles, seal flippers, sea lion flipper pendants, tiger paw prints, Amazon river dolphin pendants and more. 

Custom Larimar Designs

We design one-of-kind larimar jewelry. Most larimar creations are available in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, or 18K white gold. We offer personalized service, use high-quality metals and high vibrational larimar gemstones. Terri will hand select an exquisite stone for you and hand wax a design specially for you or your loved one. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by the lost wax method of casting. The Larimar Gem Stone is a Jewel of the Caribbean. Shades of color will vary from rich deep blue to sky blue tones with white or even shades of green. It’s reminiscent of the sun light playing upon the ocean. Many people have experienced larimar’s extraordinary powers and have said they feel love and peace emitting from this beautiful stone.
Also, many of the larger gemstones have what appears to be an angel in them.
Take a look at Terri’s gallery for special orders. 

Nature and sea life is inspiring

Terri Miller’s love of dolphins and whales inspired the idea to create custom fluke pendants so you may “Wear Your Memory Close To Your Heart”. She enjoys traveling any place on the ocean to get inspiration for jewelry designs. Previous marine life jewelry was designed by the late Roger Drouin, Jr. His love of the sea inspired the larimar designs, dolphin pendants and Humpback Whale. The Cuddling Sea Lions were waxed from a picture of Loki and Kilo. Roger loved to visit Dolphin Research Center to get ideas, such as, the Trio Jumping. The Ki Symbol was made by him after he watched a healing technique called Ki and was given the drawing. 

For more information about the custom tails or larimar creations,
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