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Did you know that stingrays have nicks and notches and identifiable markings like a dolphin tail?



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These stingray pendants are created to replicate a cow nose stingray. Did you know that stingrays have identifiable nicks and notches? The cow nose stingray can be purchased as a generic without any notches or identifiable markings OR they may be customized to match a specific stingray that you might have encountered or work with. The stingray pendants are sterling silver in a high shine finish. The engraving will be on the back and it’s hand engraved (not a machine). Terri can create any species of rays or mantas you ask her to make. Contact her

Size: 18mm x 28mm, the bail will fit up to a 3mm thick chain.

Information about photos: We need a clear straight on shot of the flukes. If you don’t have a good picture, Terri can usually work with it BUT, remember, the better the photo, the better the detail you’ll get in your pendant. Include the information listed.

-Send image by uploading on this page OR email to
-Animal’s name. Sometimes we can’t put the name, but we can engrave a date or word (see note below)
-Animal’s species.
-Facility where you work or where the animal lives
-The engraving is on the back side. If you have any preferences, please let Terri know.

Animal Trainers & Keepers get a special discount! Use code Ray at the checkout page. If you are ordering for your whole staff, we have special quantity pricing for you contact Terri.

Gift Shops get wholesale pricing, contact us.

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“Hi Terri! I just picked up the mail and Boomer is perfect! It really looks just like her. Thank you so much!….I’m glad Boomer is doing well at Fort Worth, she sure has a big personality. I hope I can go visit her sometime.” ~R.J.

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