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The J-Pod is a pod of orcas / killer whales that live in the wild! Terri was commissioned by the Orca Conservancy to create customized tail pendants. They provided the photos to match J 26, J 35 and J 5. The fluke pendants have their names engraved on the back. J 26 and J 57 have slight curves in them.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Orca Conservancy!

The Southern Resident killer whales are a genetically and culturally distinct population of orcas within the Pacific Northwest and consist of three separate pods: J, K, and L Pods. Like other ecotypes of orcas, the Southern Residents are matriarchal, which means females are the leaders. Within each pod, there are separate family sub-groups or matrilines that are centered around the older females (grandmothers and mothers). For more information, visit the OrcaConservancy.org

Currently our collection includes:
J 26 Mike: One of the most recognized orcas of the Southern Residents and a favorite to many. Mike was first sighted in the fall of 1991, shortly after the late Dr. Michael Bigg (pioneer in killer whale research and identification) had passed away.

When J26 was first spotted by researchers he was so young he still had his umbilical cord attached, and researchers were able to see his stomach to confirm his sex. After researchers confirmed he was male, Ken Balcom (Center for Whale Research) a former colleague of Dr. Bigg pointed and shouted, “MIKE!”, thusly giving J26 the name Mike in honor of the late whale researcher.

Prior to the passing of his youngest sister J50, J26 often spent much time with her, even during her ailing health. He was often revered as being as being a good big brother to young J50.

J 35 Tahlequah: The leader of the J17 matriline which consists of her two surviving siblings, niece, and two offspring. J35 was born in 1998 and was the second oldest offspring of J17 (deceased) and one of three surviving offspring of J17.

With the loss of J35’s older sister in 2016 followed by the loss of her mother in 2019, J35 was placed in the position of being the matriarch of the J17s. Despite multiple devastating losses, J35 has filled the role of the matriarch and has a close bond with her family, especially her two sons J47 and J58.

Many will remember J35 from when she made international headlines and gripped the world with what was labeled the “Tour of Grief”. In the summer of 2018, J35 gave birth to a female calf that died shortly after birth. J35 carried the dead calf for a total of 17 days for over 1,000 miles. A week after the loss of the calf, family members began taking turns carrying the dead calf to allow J35 to rest.

In the summer of 2020 J35 made headlines again, this time with more positive news. Photogrammetry research revealed that J35 was pregnant again. In September 2020 J35 was seen with a young calf J57.

J 57 Phoenix: First seen on September 5, 2020, and is the second calf of J35. At the time he was first discovered, he was presumed to be a few days old based on the physical nature of his body. A few weeks after J57 was seen, he was confirmed by researchers to be a male.

The birth of J57 came two years after what was called the “Tour of Grief” when J35 lost her calf and carried it around for 17 days. J57 surviving and appearing to be a healthy calf was very symbolic and brought many people hope after such a traffic event. The name Phoenix was chosen in part for the folklore around phoenixes and the symbolism of rising from the ashes.

He appears to enjoy spending time playing with his older brother J47. He can also be seen frequently traveling and playing with J58 who was born around the same time as him.

Sizes: J 26 and J 35 are the large size tails. Large size is 1.25″ or 30mm across from tip to tip. Bail fits up to 3.5 mm chain.
J 57 is the small size tail. Small size is 3/4″ or 20mm across from tip to tip. Bail fits up to 3mm chain.

For 14K yellow or white gold, contact Terri to order and for current price. The gold will range between $300 and $450.

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J26 Mike, J35 Tehlequah, J57 Phoenix


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