Triangle Larimar & Dolphin Pendant-Silver Mom & Baby Dolphins-SOLD


SOLD! Mom dolphin with her exuberant baby dolphin jumping for joy on top of the triangle shaped larimar gemstone!


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SOLD !! A similar item can be ordered and custom designed by Terri.

A one-of-a-kind design is not going to be seen anywhere else. This is a handmade sterling silver dolphin and larimar pendant. You will receive this piece that is shown in picture. This triangle shaped larimar is a medium shade of blue with some light blue hues. An area of whitish near the bottom tip of gemstone is in the shape of a star. The colors may look different on your computer screen. Larimar stones are said to emit a feeling of love and peace when worn. The triangle shape has many attributes as well, such as, the energy of the trinity. The mom and baby dolphin representing new beginnings.

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“Terri’s creations are AMAZING! Her creativity and positive energy flows through every piece of jewelry she creates.” ~ L.H. in VA


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