Tail Duo Pendant: Dolphin & Whale Tails w/ Synthetic Sapphires; Silver


Show your love for dolphins and whales with this tail duo pendant. Synthetic Blue Sapphires!


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For those who want to show their love of both dolphins and orca/killer whales, this is for you! The sterling silver pendant has a dolphin tail and a killer/orca whale tail together with Synthetic Blue Sapphires.This pendant is a brushed silver finish. Because it is a brushed surface, the silver will turn darker as it tarnishes which gives a unique look. It’s handcrafted by waxing the design, then cast into silver by the lost wax method. An exclusive design by Terri for the ones who just can’t decide to get a dolphin tail or an orca killer whale tail pendant.

Each item may vary slightly as they are handmade.

Size is approximately 7/8″ or 22mm long by 3/4″ or 19mm wide. The bail fits ups to 2.8mm chain.


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