Manatee Paddle (Tail) in Sterling Silver


“Wear your memory close to your heart!” It’s an amazing experience to see a manatee up close and personal. Sterling silver manatee paddle pendants.


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Our manatee paddle (tail) pendants are available in a variety of designs by Terri. You may choose one that is generic, which represents all manatees and has a perfect tail paddle with no notches. Another choice is a paddle that was made from a picture of a manatee that resides at Crystal River, Florida, which has nicks and notches in it.  A third option is to get the manatee paddle tail customized to match a picture you took of your favorite manatee.  They’re available in sterling silver; in one size only. You can even choose to have an engraving of the date or place you might have had your special connection with a manatee or two.

The customized paddle pendants of your favorite manatee requires a picture of the tail that is clear enough to see the nicks and identifying marks. The custom tails include an engraving. To learn more click here.

Size is 1/2″ or 11mm across, 1″ or 22mm long.

Wholesale pricing for gift shop Contact us.
Special or quantity pricing is available for trainers or work at a facility (for customized tails). Ask Terri for the code to enter upon checkout.