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Roger With DolphinsTerri Miller of Custom Tails Jewelry (formerly known as Quickfish Creations) creates very unique custom whale and dolphin tail replica jewelry. They are called “Signature Fluke Pendants”. Each dolphin or whale has a different fluke (tail). They are as individual as our fingerprints. Most flukes have nicks around the edges and varied identifying marks and some are quite symmetrical. Terri will design, by hand, customized tail jewelry to look exactly the same as the dolphin or whale flukes that reside in your facility, that you’ve interacted with, that you love and work with or helped rescue or saw in the wild. A photograph of each dolphins tail is used to recreate that dolphins tail in silver or gold pendants.

The first time Terri had the opportunity to interact with dolphins, it was a dream come true. That was many years ago at Dolphin Research Center in 1987. She attended a Dolphin Lab at DRC in 1988 for a week and learned much about dolphins and that each animal’s tail is different. Terri wanted to be able to wear a dolphin tail pendant that looked the same as the dolphin she swam with and take that happy memory home with her to Wear Close To Her Heart but nobody was making them. Then, when she brought her husband, Roger (who has since passed away) with her to DRC in 1990, he fell in love with the dolphins too. She told him of her idea of wanting to wear a customized dolphin tail pendant, he enthusiastically said he would make them. With their background of making dental crowns, and owning a dental lab, they had the knowledge and creativity to fabricate jewelry. She and Roger had the ambition to help DRC raise more money and offered to sell the pendants in their gift shop. They did very well with the sales and continue to do so. Now, the custom tail pendants are sold in over 18 different facility gifts shops worldwide. With many requests, Custom Tails Jewelry has expanded the collection to include sea lion flippers, custom manatee paddles and custom sea turtle pendants!

They are made for individuals, gift shops, organizations, and all dolphin lovers around the world. The jewelry is handmade using a photo of an individual’s fluke. Terri makes a wax up to match it, then the wax is cast into silver or gold by the ancient art of lost-wax-method of casting. Finally, the pendant is brought to a high shine by polishing.

This is a very unique item, exclusive to your store. Get in on the fun and sell them in your gift shop. Contact Terri for wholesale pricing. If you’re an animal trainer, we have special quantity discounts for you too!

ABOUT LARIMAR   Larimar Stone

The Larimar Gem Stone is a Jewel of the Caribbean. It is only found in the Dominican Republic and is the only gem stone of the Caribbean. Shades of color will vary from rich deep blue to sky blue tones with white or even shades of green. It’s reminiscent of the sun light playing on the ocean. Also, many of the larger gemstones have what appears to be an angel in them.Many people have experienced larimar’s extraordinary powers and have said they feel love and peace emitting from this beautiful stone. Several sources mention that larimar originates from the lost continent of Atlantis. Other healing qualities may include alignment of the heart, third eye and crown chakras. It may stimulate clarity with inner wisdom and outer manifestation.

Terri also designs custom jewelry with larimar gemstones. You may select the larimar stone you desire from our available inventory. We have different shapes and sizes, such as, hearts, freeform, and more. Terri will then create your custom design. Please see our products page for more information.